Friday, March 31, 2017

JCI Malolos meets 2017 JCI World President Dawn Hetzel

Alabang Country Club - JCI MALOLOS INC. after giving the token to JCI World President Dawn Hetzel (seated 3rd from right), 2017 JCI Philippines National President Hegem Furigay (3rd from left), 2017 JCI Alabang President George Flordeliza (middle) at JCI Alabang's Induction and Turnover Ceremonies last March 11, 2017.

JCI Marikina Sapatos 62nd Induction and Turnover Ceremonies

Marikina New Legislative Hall Building - March 17, 2017 our son chapter JCI Marikina Sapatos held their 62nd Induction and Turnover Ceremonies. Attended by different chapters from the area and their sister chapter from JCI Korea - Inchon Namdong.

As their father chapter JCI Marikina Sapatos awarded a tree to our 2017 L.O President Joan Maclang Lopez a tree as a symbol of lifetime brotherhood.

As the saying goes "Right knows no boundaries, and justice no frontiers; the brotherhood of man is not a domestic institution." Together with JCI Marikina Sapatos our brotherhood remains even the chapter are miles apart. 

Thursday, March 2, 2017

National Training Month - February 19, 2017

Malolos Bulacan - 19th of February, Fernando's Grille CItywalk Sports Center. In line with the celebration of  JCI Philippines National Training Month, JCI Malolos provided it's members and other chapters it's yearly MAKE UP Tutorial in line also with the celebration of Pinay Power Month. Our very own VP for Business RS Simon facilitated the said non official course as he taught the attendees how to wear Day and Night Make Up.

Then followed by an OTI and NMO for the new members of JCI Malolos facilitated by the 2017 Area Vice President Elizabeth Ruth Talag. History of JCI Malolos and it's projects are followed by RVP Jim Jose and EVP Jester Manarang as an eye opener for the new and potential members of JCI Malolos. 

As JCI Malolos believes that one way of service to humanity is enriching their knowledge to a better future.

Another non official course conducted by RVP Jim Jose as part of of the Training Month is Churros Making held at Jose's Residence. Attended by the members of JCI Malolos, RVP Jim shared his family's secret recipe of their tasty churros perfect for meryenda.

Lastly, is an Art Workshop for the kids led by one of our Baby Jaycee Jaziz Mamucod and Keith Magat. Jaziz discussed the importance of shading on a still life drawing. And gave a price for the winning kid with the best drawing.